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What is SuperKiller?


You can never go wrong with highly-detailed and well-made puzzle and shooting games online in 3D as we offer you right now with SuperKiller, an original game we would highly recommend to all our audience, where we've had a ton of fun with it, so we are sure that you will too!

Become the world's best SuperKiller!

If playing on computers use the mouse, if playing on mobile devices use the fingers, all in order to aim and shoot your gun, or even throw items around, which you need to use to dispose of the assassins who are your targets, because only when all have been cleared off the map, you will have cleared the level as well.

Blow up the canisters, the boxes, or various other items that can help you do more damage, and you can shoot away obstacles, or figure out the best angle at which to shoot to get past them to reach your targets.

Without a doubt, the levels get increasingly more difficult as you keep playing, so your focus levels need to rise up too, so you can always think of the best shooting strategy, as any super killer would do. Let's begin now, and more of you we hope to see!

How to play?

Use the mouse.


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