Cannon Ball Shoot

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What is Cannon Ball Shoot?

Cannon Ball Shoot

Cannon Ball Shoot is a really fun hypercasual shooting game online in 3D with cannons, as the title already suggests, and we've got no doubt in the world that you will have a blast of a time with it, pun intended, hence why sharing this game with you in the first place was something we could not have missed doing!

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Use the mouse if playing on a computer and the finger if playing on a mobile device in order to point your cannon to the gates you want to shoot through, and we recommend shooting through the ones with the highest multipliers since they will multiply your cannonballs by that much.

Do that because you need to break the gates ahead of you, and the numbers on them represent how many balls need to go through them to achieve that. Then, reach the house or whatever kind of structure awaits you at the end of a level, and make sure you have enough ammo to tear it down and finish the said level.

Avoid gates with dividers or other bad math relations, and see if you can complete the levels no matter how difficult they become down the road. Good luck, and enjoy!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.