3 Mice

3 Mice

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3 Mice
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3 Mice Overview


Mice can be some of the cutest animals in the world, especially when they are drawn as they are in this amazing new game called 3 Mice we are now sharing with you all on our website, a platform-adventure game with puzzle elements where you join these three small and cute things in a quest through the underground, where they mostly live. Are you ready?

Join the adventures of the 3 Mice online!

As you go down the platforms deeper and deeper, you move all three of the mice at the same time, so make sure not to lose even one of them along the way, because if that happens, you lose.

Push blocks and use them to your advantage if needed, and also make use of the moving platforms or any other kinds of items that appear which might be helpful.

Steer clear of the items that seem dangerous, or are obvious traps and obstacles, because if you lose one of the rodents to them, you have to restart the level.

The underground tunnels only get more complicated as you clear one stage after another, but we are sure that the fun you are having is also going to increase all at the same time, so start right away!


How to play?

Use the right and left arrows.



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