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Robo-Butcher Overview


Are you ready to become a Robo-Butcher online? That is what you will be in this brand new action game with shooting featuring robots from our website, which the entirety of our team has loved playing from start to finish quite a lot, just like we are positive it is going to be the case for you too, hence why we're sharing it away right now!

Be the deadliest Robo-Butcher online!

You will be a good robot that has to kill the evil ones that will spawn at various places all along the platforms, having to kill as many of them as possible, earning cash in return, while making sure not to let them attack you too much because if you lose your 100 health points, you also lose the game.

Move with A, D, jump with W/Space, and S to pass through platforms, the mouse and left click to aim and shoot, and right click to dash. Survive for as long as possible, see how many of the robots you can put down, and after you die, try again and see if you can beat your previous high scores!

How to play?

Use W, A, S, D, space, and the mouse.

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