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Shot For Hire

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Shot For Hire
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Shot For Hire Overview


Shot For Hire is going to be one of the coolest hypercasual shooting games online you now get to play on our website, a brand new fantasy game online with this setting that we are sure is going to make you even more interested in playing it, as it should, because we can guarantee a really fun time for you right now!

Be the best Shot For Hire online right now!

As a shot for hire, you will be put in front of a military vehicle, and you have to shoot down the enemies sitting on trees, or other high platforms because if you don't, they are going to shoot back, and if they hit the ones who hired you too many times, you will have lost.

Make sure not to lose all your lives, and finish the course as fast as possible, because you will be timed. In each level, the number of enemies grows, and they become harder to defeat as well, so make sure to do upgrades to your avatar, buying new weapons, magical powers, and neat stuff to help you take on your foes.

You can even join a guild, and make friends with other characters. The possibilities are quite big, and tons of fun awaits you all right now, which is why we hope you hit play at once!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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