Cyber Blade

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What is Cyber Blade?

Cyber Blade

Cyber Blade is a game that invites you all to become futuristic ninja warriors that are using their swords to cut down any enemies in their path, with one of the best new action-packed games online that our team had brought over here in quite a while, where your character wears a helmet for identity protection, and you will help him in dealing as much damage as possible!

Become the Cyber Blade that saves the city!

Your character will ride the motorcycle through the devastated city invaded by robots, and it will move from one side to another only when it hits an obstacle, so if you want to get past them, press space to jump, and press it twice if you need to double jump.

Make sure not to get stuck, but also not to fall into the pits, since they have spikes at the bottom, and they will kill you. When you meet robots along the course, kill them off by pressing A or C to attack, and grab all the memory disks in each level before you reach their end to clear them.

Each new level features a course more difficult than before, but we are sure that you will also become better, and have even more fun!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the A key and the spacebar.

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