Sadmin Night – Anomalous Stickmin Survival

Sadmin Night – Anomalous Stickmin Survival

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Sadmin Night – Anomalous Stickmin Survival
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Sadmin Night – Anomalous Stickmin Survival Overview


Sadmin Night – Anomalous Stickmin Survival is a game that takes the format of FNAF Games, which are point-and-click survival horror games online, but makes it a bit funnier by having added Henry Stickmin as the character you must defend from, who is an internet sensation we always love playing new and interesting online games with, just like today!

Plat Sadmin Night Online, an Anomalous Stickmin Survival game!

Use the mouse to interact with the cameras that will show you the rooms of the building you are trying to protect, where you need to give your best towards sealing off the scary stickman from reaching your main quarters, the base, because if you get caught and killed by him, you lose.

To prevent that from happening, make sure not to run out of battery life, because when the systems go down, you are toast! But, if you can use your skills, thinking, and bravery to survive until 6 AM when the sun comes up, you win the game! Are you up for it? Start now, and then maybe try out some more of our scary games!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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Author: BioPlant

  • @Arguswastaken: who composed the soundtrack for this game alongside suggesting some neat ideas
  • Kejayco: making the Sadmin emoji otherwise this would’ve just been called Five Nights at Henry’s or something.</span
  • PuffballsUnited for making the Henry Stickmin games, I wouldn’t be where I am without them.
  • Made on the MIT Scratch Engine

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