Panda Legend

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What is Panda Legend?

Panda Legend

Panda Legend is many things at once, an adventure game, a match 3 game, an RPG game, and so much more, where you have to help the Panda, who is now in a fantasy world, overcome any kinds of obstacles and dangers, mainly the powerful creatures that are out there who want to eat him up, since it seems pandas can be a delicacy for them, and you want it to survive, no?

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In each fight that you take part in, you have to go up against other pandas, or maybe other kinds of beings, but you can only defeat them if you completely deplete them of their health bar, something that you achieve by dealing more attacks than they can deal on you since they will attempt the very same thing.

To charge up your attacks and skills, use the mouse to match 3 items of the same kind from down below the two fighters, where there are various icons, each with specific functions, so you can recharge energy, get more health, protect yourselves, do attacks, or even put out special abilities.

If you win the fights, you advance in level, meaning that you can take on bigger opponents, and you should also use the coins you earn as a reward to upgrade your inventory and abilities. Become the best and most powerful panda, a legend, if you will, and tell your friends to also come to play this, you might meet one another!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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