Cutter Wood

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What is Cutter Wood?

Cutter Wood

Cutter Wood is a brand new hypercasual racing game online in 3D with skill elements added into the fold, and competition of cutting wood, which is going to take place with multi-colored stickmen, and we're highly positive that you are going to have quite an amazing and fresh time, just like we did, so allow us to tell you more right now!

Become the swiftest Cutter of Wood online!

With the mouse on PCs or the touch controls on mobile devices, you will move with your stickman through the map, where you need to cut the trees with the same color as your avatar, doing so by getting next to them, and then using the wood to build a huge stair that you use to cross the river to the other side, where you rinse and repeat.

The stickman that does this toward the finish line of the game, and reaches there first, will become the winner, of course, so we hope it is going to be you, but know that each new race will increase in difficulty to the last one, but you can also have more fun at the same time!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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