Save the Hostages

Save the Hostages

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Save the Hostages
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Save the Hostages Overview


Save the Hostages is one of our newest fps games online, and also a bit of an RPG game with shooting elements all at the same time, since you have been sent down to a building where terrorists have taken hostages, and your task is not only to shoot those bad people and get rid of them but most importantly, save the innocent!

Can you Save the Hostages?

Go around the location in each level, taking one hostage at a time and bringing them back to the safe zone, while shooting down the robbers, evil clowns, and even aliens and zombies, since the enemies can range in their nature from one stage to another, and they only get harder to defeat, and bigger in numbers.

Make sure to go around and defeat them all, shooting them down when encountered, or else they kill you. If you can pick up new weapons and better upgrades along the way, make sure to do it.

Move with WASD, the mouse to aim and shoot, change weapons with its wheel, left shift to run, C to crouch, and E to interact. We're quite positive you understood, so start right now, only here, and make sure to stay with us for some more amazing games we've got in store here today for you all!

How to play?

Use WASD, C, E, shift, and the mouse.

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