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Tsunami Overview


Becoming a Tsunami is something possible only through gaming, which is precisely what we invite you all to do with this crazy new hypercasual game in 3D from our website, us having already experienced how great this game is, and if you loved games such as Hole.Io, then this is going to be to your liking, for sure!

Become an all-consuming Tsunami online right now!

Use the mouse or the touch controls to move your wave of water through the island, where you need to eat up things such as chairs, toys, but even flowers, trees, rocks, and we can't forget about even people, who will try to escape, or boats, which are the largest, usually, in addition to houses.

Move your tsunami so that you eat up a lot of things and grow in size and level, and because you get to do that, you can eat even bigger things, which allows you to level up even more. Do this until you reach the required targets to finish that level, and then advance to the next one, and so forth, with there always being new islands for you to consume. Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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