Hobo Life Adventure

Hobo Life Adventure

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Hobo Life Adventure
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Hobo Life Adventure Overview


Hobo Life Adventure is a new hypercasual life simulator game online in 3D, which shows you the life you would not want to have in reality, which is a homeless person, but, if you are here, you're still invited to make the best out of it, and see if you can rise above the ceiling and maybe get a house! Let's see how it can be done, so you can start the experience right away!

Let's live out a Hobo Life Adventure online!

Use WASD to move and go behind the people walking around the map, so that you steal their coins, doing so until the meter around them has been filled, and then take the coins from the floor. When you have enough of them, you can go to the ATM machine to exchange them for cash.

With the cash you now have you should go on the spots that have their markings to buy tents, and then maybe a small house, and any other kinds of things that might help you get even more money, but also shelter, food, and the like since you try to survive as you try to evolve.

The adventure goes on until you stop it, so start playing the game right now, and see if you can live out your rags-to-riches story right now!

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