Zombo Buster Advance

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What is Zombo Buster Advance?

Zombo Buster Advance

Zombo Buster Advance is a new zombie defense game online with shooting, a game where you have all the reasons to have tons of fun from start to finish, just like we did, and you do not have to have played the previous versions from this series to enjoy this one, as you're still going to have fun, but if you haven't we will now tell you more about everything!

Play Zombo Buster Advance online and protect your base!

Use the available funds you have to place troops at the door, which will start shooting at the waves of zombies that attack you, and your goal is to defeat each wave without letting them get past the door, because if they do, you lose, as they have succeeded in their invasion.

As you defeat zombies, you earn money to buy more troops, and in further levels, you get to upgrade to better and stronger soldiers, only they are going to cost you more, as you can imagine.

Keep your energy meter high, and make sure not to lose all your lives, in which case you lose the battle with the undead. Good luck, enjoy, and don't stop here, since there are many more great games coming over for you right around the corner!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.

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