Free Birds

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What is Free Birds?

Free Birds

Want to Free Birds online? That is what we invite you all to do right now with one of the best new hypercasual skill and puzzle games online from our website, which we have really enjoyed ourselves, which was the main reason for sharing it with you right now, so make sure you are not missing it either!

Let's set the birds free online!

The game is an archery game online, a bow and arrow shooting game where birds are being put in cages held by ropes, so you aim to shoot through the ropes to make them fall down and break, releasing the birds inside, and when all the birds have been freed, you will have finished the level.

Of course, it gets more difficult in each new level, as obstacles and traps get added, and you need to know that if you run out of arrows to shoot while birds are still in the cages, you lose that level, and have to start it again from scratch, figuring out a better way to make your shots.

Now that you've understood it, for sure, begin right away, and don't stop here, since our team has prepared some more great games, only for you, all free and unblocked!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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