Basketball Goal

Basketball Goal

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Basketball Goal
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Basketball Goal Overview


Despite the title of this new game being Basketball Goal, this is not a sports game online, as you could probably imagine, but it is instead of the newest puzzle games with sliding elements, but not the one with images, one where you use your logic to solve the arcade puzzles to get the ball into the goal, something we will now explain more about!

Can you achieve your Basketball Goal online?

With the arrow keys you move both the net and the basketball, even coins when they get added later on, but there are items that are not moving in place, so you have to go around them.

Your goal, pun intended, is to get the ball to enter the net through its hole, through the ring, not through the other side, so make sure to move the items around until that is achieved if you wish to complete the level.

Each new puzzle is more difficult for you to perform this task, but we are sure that the game is only going to get even better when you experience it. Good luck, enjoy!

How to play?

Use the arrows.

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