Balance Duel: Stickman Ragdoll

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What is Balance Duel: Stickman Ragdoll?

Balance Duel: Stickman Ragdoll

Balance Duel: Stickman Ragdoll is going to be one of the most fun hypercasual shooting games 3D we've had here in a while, since it also features skill and balance elements, as the title suggests, and with ragdolls that you can tear up in many ways you've always had a fantastic time on our website, without a doubt!

Who will win the Balance Duel with the Stickman Ragdoll?

Use the mouse to aim and shoot the various guns that come at your disposal, either directly into the opposing ragdoll, which is in red, or in the blocks underneath them, so that you make them lose balance and fall into the water, which is how you win while being careful because they try to do the same to you, so make sure you're not losing instead.

Each new level becomes more difficult than the last one, but you can assume that they also get more fun, and you will also be handed better weapons to use through it, so we are sure you will enjoy it to the fullest!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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