Underboard: Omen

Underboard: Omen

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Underboard: Omen
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Underboard: Omen Overview


Underboard: Omen is an RPG, strategy, and fighting game all into one, which is also inspired by chess, It has monsters and even footballers, so there are plenty of reasons why you should not be missing out on this game for anything in the world, and we will now also explain how it works, so that playing it is not going to be any problem at all!

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Use the various fighters and characters at your disposal, placing them on the chessboard in front of the monsters, and then hit the spacebar or the combat button to start a fight between them, having to defeat all the monsters, one stage after another.

As you do that, you gain experience, and you get to unlock new fighters to use in your various combats, as well as get new spells unlocked, which can help your own characters, or they can cause trouble for your enemies.

It's that simple, and now that it has surely been understood, feel free to begin right now, only here, after which we've got even more great games coming, as the day is far from being over!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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Author: Headless

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