Blitz Slices

Blitz Slices

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Blitz Slices
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Blitz Slices Overview


Blitz Slices is a new cutting game online with knives that we are delighted to share with you in our category of hypercasual games 3D here, which also sort of doubles down as a clicker game, since clicking is the only action you will be doing, using your rhythm and reaction time to make the slices. Let's tell you more about it now, so you can begin the game at once!

Let's make the Blitz Slices fast!

There will be vegetables such as tomatoes, or cucumbers, that you need to cut down, and you finish a level when you've completed all the tasks given to you on the top left side of the screen. Click/tap to cut the vegetables when they appear in front of you, but avoid non-food items, since cutting them too much dulls your blade and you might lose.

Reach the finish line for each stage, and try to see how many extra points you can make, which are given to you from doing the slicing with the knives. Let's begin right now, and don't stop anytime soon, since more fun is to come, as per usual!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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