The Amazing Digital Circus: Evil Kane

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The Amazing Digital Circus: Evil Kane
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What is The Amazing Digital Circus: Evil Kane?

The Amazing Digital Circus: Evil Kane

Evil Kane is going to be haunting you in The Amazing Digital Circus, so you better come to play this game prepared, since it is not going to be an easy feat to get rid of him and survive, something we invite you to do right now, and we will explain how to do it here and now so that you have no problems playing this great game at all!

Run away from Evil Kane in The Amazing Digital Circus online!

Use WASD to move and space to jump, as you use your blob avatar to go around the Digital Circus, where you need to avoid the various traps, monsters, and any other scary digital items, while you make sure not to get caught by the one and only Evil Kane, who is chasing you.

If he catches you, you lose, but to defeat this demonic clown, make sure that you collect the six keys that are hidden through this world, and only then will you banish him, survive, and escape! It's that simple, so now that you've surely understood everything, feel free and confident to begin, and then play even more great new games to come!

How to play?

Use WASD and space.

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