Craft Cars: Battle of the Constructors

Craft Cars: Battle of the Constructors

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Craft Cars: Battle of the Constructors
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Craft Cars: Battle of the Constructors Overview


Craft Cars: Battle of the Constructors is going to put your battle skills to the test, but more than that, it will require you to become a good builder, constructor, or designer, however, you want to call it, since it is crafting a good enough vehicle to defeat another one that will put you up on top, not how you drive them, as the battles are simulated by the game, in a game similar to CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars, with a whole new world, designs, options, and fun battles!

Craft Cars to win the Battle of the Constructors!

Take items such as pikes, wooden boxes, new wheels, bombs, spikes, and other available weapons but also defense systems to put on your car, which you then put out in battle against another cat that controls a similar craft. You will see the battle played out in the game, like in a simulation.

This means that if you are better equipped with weapons, shields, and power-ups, you will see that you win against your foe, which is what you should hope. You earn boxes as a reward, which can be common or special, and from them, you collect new weapons and tools that you can then find in the design menu.

There you can find the new weapons and items, and equip them on your crafted car wherever you see best, using the empty brackets as input spots where you can arrange them. As you advance and win battles, the opponents get bigger and stronger, meaning that you should work even harder on your own craft car.

Let's begin right now, only here, and become a champion of this game, ranking better than other players, and come back daily for surprises and new challenges to take on and have lots of fun with!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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