Offline FPS Royale

Offline FPS Royale

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Offline FPS Royale
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Offline FPS Royale Overview


Offline FPS Royale has all that boys and men want! It's a shooting game 3D, and a battle royale one too! If you don't like playing multiplayer games, but like the concept, you're lucky! Here you will find the same mechanics as in those, but playing against NPCs. Just because you're shooting bots, don't be too confident! They can really be dangerous either way, so let's show you the ropes and help you get tons of kills!

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The Elite Missions are the first mode of play. You get thrown on a map, where you have to kill down all the enemies you encounter. They're marked in red on the mini maps, so use them. Of course, shoot first, and don't get killed yourselves.

For the Royal Battle mode, it's similar, but with a twist. In each mission, the map gets smaller the more you advance through it. Shoot up the enemies, so that you are the final one standing. The decrease in the map forces encounters between the enemy forces!

Combat Battlefield is probably the hardest mode. That's because you get put on a military war battlefield. The best soldiers are your enemies, and you need to one-up them. Be a better shooter, but also a strategist!

Simple controls for exciting gameplay!

To move your soldier avatar, use WASD. Jump by pressing the spacebar, and run fast with shift. To aim and shoot your guns, use the mouse, of course. To reload your ammo, press R. The auto-fire mode is enabled, but if you want a proper experience, disable it and shoot the guns yourselves!

Equip the soldier for success!

With the coins you earn from missions, get stronger! Buy new weapons from the armory menu, and from the shop you can get more health, coins, and grenades. On the battlefield of war, every bit of help counts a lot in surviving. Can you do it?

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