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Learn to Fly 2

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Learn to Fly 2
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Learn to Fly 2 Overview


Learn to Fly 2 is one of the most exciting flying games online on our website and a charming one as you're doing it with penguins, who are down in the Artic, and where they want to jump over the ice, over the water, since penguins are not birds known for flying distances, as they have short wings, but they want to try, and they will be able to, only with your help, of course!

Play Learn to Fly 2 and soar the sky!

Your penguin will need to fall down the ice slopes, and after he takes the sky, you can use the mouse or the A and D keys to flap his wings, doing so to keep him flying, with each flight hopefully being longer than the other, as you are playing to improve on that continuously so that the penguins become better at flying!

Destroy obstacles, earn cash, and complete challenges!

There will be five obstacles you encounter, and destroying them is going to earn you points and payload, make sure that you earn lots of coins by rising on these measurements:

  • distance
  • altitude
  • speed
  • duration
  • destruction

For the challenges, they will give you precise metrics for all these requirements, that, if you hit, you are going to win and get extra cash!

One of the obstacles that you might encounter, for example, can be the snowman, which you should knock down, but there are also other birds in the air, and knocking them down brings you that extra cash you so much need!

Repetition is key to victory!

Your first flight will be quite short, as you're not well equipped, but with the day's first cash, you can open up the shop and buy upgrades in the form of tools to help you:

  1. Sleigh
  2. Glider
  3. Boost
  4. Payload


So, upgrade as much as you can, take a bigger flight with the penguins, and earn even more, rinse and repeat! In no time at all, you can fly with the penguins all across the globe!

Try out more exciting modes of flight and play!

In addition to the story, you can try the Classic Mode, and the Arcade Mode, but know that they can only be unlocked after completing enough of the storyline!

How to play?

Use the mouse, spacebar, A, D keys, or the ARROWS.

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