Learn to Fly 2

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Learn to Fly 2
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What is Learn to Fly 2?

Learn to Fly 2

In Learn To Fly 2, you take on the challenge of propelling the bold little penguin skyward! A daunting task at first, but with a bit of determination and strategy, you'll be soaring through the clouds in no time. Start by collecting coins to buy upgrades that will give your feathered friend an edge. 

Earn Power-Ups

Use each upgrade to boost lift and acceleration, allowing your penguin to go further and faster than before. With every successful launch, you'll gain more coins, power up, and be able to purchase even better items until, eventually, flying far beyond what seemed possible is second nature. Put your skills to the test and prove that this brave little bird can make it off the ground!

Controls For Learn To Fly 2

In Learn to Fly 2, the player controls a penguin with their computer's keyboard. The left and right arrow keys are used to steer the penguin in those respective directions. Pressing the up arrow key will increase the speed of the penguin slightly, while pressing the down arrow key will slow it down. Additionally, pressing the spacebar will give a boost to your penguin’s flight. This can be useful for gaining altitude or reaching higher speeds. 

Tips for winning Learn to Fly 2!

●    Take advantage of obstacles: if you hit them with enough speed and force, they will break and reward you with points or medals.

●    Earn money with each flight to upgrade and improve your gadget.

●    Try out different modes such as Story Mode to progress through the game or Arcade Mode to challenge yourself with different objectives.

●    Utilize power-ups like the Explosive Snowball, which allows you to rain destruction on snowmen, snow hills, and walls alike!

●    Use boosts like the Rocket Boost to propel your flights higher and further, allowing you to cover more ground in less time.

●    Make use of techniques like Gliding and Glitch Jumps to help increase your distance gains, allowing for more efficient flights overall.

As you progress through the game, upgrades can be purchased that allow for additional control options, such as gliding and swerving. These upgrades can further enhance your experience of controlling your penguin in Learn to Fly 2.

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the MOUSE to fly.


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