Color Saw

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What is Color Saw?

Color Saw
In our new casual game on our website, you need to cut the colored blocks to free the player! The player is stuck in a bunch of blocks and you need to free him by cutting the blocks using the saws found in each level.

The player is stored in an inner layer of blocks. These blocks must not be broken, if they are broken then you will fail the level. There are many obstacles that can also break your main core blocks like the saws themselves, bad buys with dangerous weapons. There are multiple types of saws, small and big. The small ones are usually green while the big saws are usually red. There are also vertically placed saws that you may encounter.

There are 3 players you need to free on each level. If you fail the level you must retry all of the players from the beginning. Each level is unique and gives you new challenges you need to overcome. Challenges like small space to move, saws placed very close to the core, etc.

Are you ready to free the players? Play to find out!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.