Soldiers Fury

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Soldiers Fury
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What is Soldiers Fury?

Soldiers Fury
Soldiers Fury is an interesting shoot 'em up game where you need to shoot the bad guys as a lone soldier running on the road for as long as you can. You must use your hun to shoot down the enemies and get past them.

There are many obstacles you will encounter on the level such as the enemies that shoot at you and you must avoid their shots, the bushes, trees, and other barricades you have to avoid to continue going forward. On the level, you will also find explosive barrels that will kill all enemies near them if you shoot them for them to explode. You will also find crates that you can shoot open, the crates usually contain other guns but they can also contain shields and medkits.

There are many guns in the game:
  • Pistol: The basic weapon in the game, shoots only once at a time.
  • Shotgun: Uses more ammo but shoots multiple bullets at a time.
  • Machine Gun: Uses a huge amount of ammo per second but it's also very fast and has more ammo than the other guns.
  • Bazooka: Shoots missiles killing all enemies near the explosion.
These guns can be upgraded to make them stronger and faster by using the coins you collect after finishing dying. The shield and the magnet can be upgraded too with coins to make them last longer. The game goes on infinitely until you die and your final score will be shown.

Time for Soldier Fury!

How to play?

Use the mouse to move.

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