Super MadRex

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Super MadRex
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What is Super MadRex?

Super MadRex

Are you ready to try one of our best new puzzle games with shooting and mouse skills online? Well, we sure hope to see you do that since it's a high-quality entry with mobile-friendly technology that is both easy to play and exciting all the way through, something we will show you right now and here, where we explain how to play Super MadRex online for free!

Shoot MadRex into the portals!

MadRex is an angry-looking red blob with hands and feet who rotates intensely when you click and hold the mouse on him, which you do, and then you aim towards the direction you want to shoot him, which happens when you simply release the left mouse button.

The ultimate goal of each level is to shoot him into the portal since that is how you advance to the next stage, but you should also try to shoot them in a way that he crosses into and hits the stars, so try collecting three out of three per stage!

But, what you must know is that you have a limited number of shots per level, so if you don't achieve your goal in those parameters, you have to start all over again from scratch. Good luck, enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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