Squid Gamer BMX Freestyle

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Squid Gamer BMX Freestyle
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What is Squid Gamer BMX Freestyle?

Squid Gamer BMX Freestyle

Combos between Squid Game and bicycle games online 3d have not existed before this on our website, so you can count on us being very excited that at this moment we can share with you the awesome game that is Squid Gamer BMX Freestyle, where you're about to have an experience unlike you have had before in this category!

Let's do the best BMX freestyle in the world of Squid Game!

You will have 100 levels that you can complete in this game, and they might get progressively harder, but the money you earn from them also increases, with you being able to use it to buy new designs for your bike.

Control the bike with WASD, X  for a rear brake, with the other controls being shown to you in-game. You will ride your bike in skate parks where you make tricks, flips, stunts, and jumps, and try collecting as many coins as possible too.

Good luck, start this unique experience right now, and don't forget to invite as many of your friends over to play this game as well, they won't regret it!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, X key.

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