Pokemon Go

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What is Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go

You can now play Pokemon Go online unblocked for free directly from your browsers, or, of course, mobile devices, as the creators originally intended, with this game being more of a recreation of the feeling when you played this game, not the actual app itself.

Let's Pokemon Go!

Use the mouse to control the avatar of Ash and move him along the region, and go where there are red spots on the map since they represent Pokemon being there. What do you need to do then? Collect and capture them, of course, just like in the show and in the application.

When a Pokemon appears, they will move left and right, right and left, and you use the mouse to shoot a Pokeball from down below at them. Aim it so that you hit the pocket monsters and capture them, adding them to your Pokedex. Grab the required number of creatures on a level and then advance to the next one, where more await you.

These are the simple rules of the game, and lots of fun awaits you now, we promise, so check the game out, and then maybe try out more of our daily content too!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.