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BMX Kid Overview


BMX Kid online is the perfect new addition from our team for the Bicycle Games category, where we know that you want more new and awesome content as often as possible, and you can bet we will not disappoint you today or any other time, so playing this game right at this moment is something we hope you do!

Have fun being the BMX Kid!

Press the right arrow key to increase the speed of your bike as you push, press the up arrow key to make jumps, and press it again while in the air to make various stunts. For all these actions you also have mobile touch controls if you're playing on a phone or tablet.

The game offers you multiple avatars you can become, some of them needing to be unlocked:

  • Max
  • Hybrid
  • Eddie
  • Tyler
  • Emo-Ninja
  • Diva

If you choose the Arcade Mode, you will have multiple levels, each with the targets you need to hit for them in order to get three out of three stars and money in return, but if you choose the Survival Mode, you're going endlessly for as long as you can, trying to always beat your previous records.

Now that you're familiar with this game and its mechanics, you're ready to have fun with one of the best bmx games online we've ever had here, as we will prove to you right now!

How to play?

Use the arrows/touch controls.

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