Rope Slash Online

Rope Slash Online

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Rope Slash Online
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Rope Slash Online Overview


Rope Slash Online is a game that has been created and now shared with you all in order to elevate the genre of cut-the-rope games online even further than it already is, as we know for a fact this is a beloved type of interactive puzzle game online, one that has now been made even better, as you can also play it on phones and tablets, with an exciting new set of 25 levels to go through!

Slash the rope online!

On each level you have a ball dangling off a rope, and when you swipe over it with the mouse or finger, you cut it up and the ball falls. Find the perfect moment to do it so that the ball hits the three stars, which is the only way they get collected, and then hit the cans to knock them all down, which is the only way to complete the level.

Through this method try getting 3/3 stars per level, no matter how hard they get, as in further ones you will notice that the platforms and structures around are made more complicated so that you find the solution harder. Still, think and concentrate enough, and you will do a great job!

Good luck, and a great time we wish you all, and we hope to see you around some more, we never cease to bring you the best there is in gaming, day by day!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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