Pop Ball

11.08.2022 642 1 votes

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What is Pop Ball?

Pop Ball

Pop Ball is a brand new friv game online with fidget elements that is a great way to pass time, for sure, even more so as it has no less than 40 levels for you to clear, one more challenging than the other, but way more fun at the same time!

Pop each Ball to complete the challenge!

On each level, you have a multitude of balls in various colors bouncing around from one wall of the screen to another, and you will click on them so that they pop, and the dots coming out of them should then hit other floating balls to pop them too, until there are no more balls to explode.

That is when you will have finished the level. Now, the area where you pop and the time that you do it is going to be key towards achieving this, and know that you have a limited number of tries towards completing the level, otherwise you need to run it back and try again.

We hope you have fun, and we hope to see more of you, so stick around to see what's coming down the pipeline of amazing games for free!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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