Sweet Shop 3D

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What is Sweet Shop 3D?

Sweet Shop 3D

Sweet Shop 3D has been added to our website because we will always want to share with you the best customer service games online on the internet, knowing that this is a format that raises a lot of interest from kids and adults all over the world, since it aims to test your abilities in time-management, how you use your money, how well you can invest, and if you can be prompt in serving your customers. Let's combine all these skills for this newest experience!

Play Sweet Shop 3D online for maximum fun!

As the title suggests, you are working at a shop that sells sweets, with the first product you make being strawberries, a seasonal favorite. Start off by using your money to unlock the counter, the rack, and the first plant.

The plants will produce the sweets, you take them to the rack, that is where customers take them from, and then you go to the counter to get their money for the produce.

You then move around the shop where there are green marks with sums written on them so that you unlock those facilities or components of the shop.

Do so until you've filled the whole space and made the shop really big, which will only bring in more customers, allowing you to make more sales.

Move using WASD or the ARROWS, use the on-screen controls if you're playing on a phone or tablet. Sell, upgrade and invest, and grow your business to become the most popular sweet shop in the entire city!

How to play?

Use the WASD/ARROW keys for moving.

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