Smashy Duo

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What is Smashy Duo?

Smashy Duo

Smashy Duo is here to change things up on what you knew about zombie games, and, surprisingly enough, tennis games online, or should we say squash, because this game manages to bring together elements from all this world into one, and even fantasy one such as orcs or knights, which can be among the heroes you rescue and use in your mission to stop the waves of the undead!

Be the best Smashy Duo on the block to defeat the zombies!

The two characters will be controlled with the right and left arrow keys because when pressing them you are going to shoot the balls with their racket, so aim and time your shots so that you always catch and send the ball back over the fence, hitting the zombies to eliminate them and get points in return.

The more you can survive and the more zombies you smash, the more points you get, but if you miss hitting the ball by not pressing the correct arrow, you get hit by it when it returns and you lose, forcing you to start again from scratch.

With the coins, you earn you can unlock new avatars for the two characters to make things always feel fresh, and add new items and upgrades to the inventory to help you in your missions.

Have you got it? Surely you did, so let's begin right now, and maybe tell your friends about this or any of our other games, so they can also discover this new world of fun!

How to play?

Use the right and left arrow keys.

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