Monster Card Battle

Monster Card Battle

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Monster Card Battle
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Monster Card Battle Overview


Monster Card Battle is a monster fighting game with cards, where the monsters are summoned by those cards, which means that this game has clearly been inspired by the likes of Yu-Gi-Oh or Duel Masters, two of the most iconic card games with this kind of format, and we are sure that this virtual experience inspired by them is also going to be to your liking, boys or girls!

Can you win the Monster Card Battle?

You will fight a virtual enemy, each of you placing cards with monsters on the field to summon them, and if yours have more attack power, they are going to defeat theirs. Other stats are defense, as well as speed, so the bigger all these three are, the more powerful it means your monster is.

When you finish a battle, if the monster you've selected won and still has power, it will attack the opponent directly. Deplete their health bar completely to win. Of course, luck plays a big part in this game, since the cards you get in your hand are received randomly.

Of course, winning battles means being to acquire better cards from the shop, and you can use them in your deck to fight better opponents. Good luck and the best we wish you all!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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