Mutilate a Doll

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What is Mutilate a Doll?

Mutilate a Doll

Mutilate a Doll is one of those wreck it games online where you take some kind of figure, such as a ragdoll, and then try inflicting as much damage on it as possible, while having fun finding creative ways to destroy it, all of which we invite you to do right now in this amazing new game, where all of us have had plenty of fun, so why would you not as well?

Let's Mutilate a Doll online!

Click on the arrow on the left center of the screen, from where you will use the objects menu to generate a ragdoll, and using those menus and those on the right as well, you can configure the world, the dolls, and everything else however you wish to, as customizing makes the game more fun.

You then use the mouse to drag the doll around, hit it into the walls, and use weapons and other items on it to destroy as much of it as possible, because that is the goal you have here, to mutilate a doll, and we're sure that you will really enjoy it, just like it had been true for us as well!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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