Trap the Cat

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What is Trap the Cat?

Trap the Cat

Trap the Cat is one really simple and interesting puzzle and logic game that our administrative team is delighted to share with you on our website right now, since you don't really get to come by such games as often, we would not have missed this chance to share this one with you for anything in the world!

Can you Trap the Cat?

On a screen made up of hexagons, there is a cat that moves around, and what you need to do is trap it inside the purple ones, the dark purple ones that you make appear when you click on them. After you click on a tile, the cat moves. If instead of trapping it, it will escape out of the screen, you lose.

The only way to win is if you are always one step ahead of the cat, so think before you act, and we're sure that you will be successful!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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