Dices 2048 3D

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Dices 2048 3D
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What is Dices 2048 3D?

Dices 2048 3D

Dices 2048 3D is a new kind of puzzle game with 2048 online, a format that has only become increasingly popular in the last few years, so we've got no doubt at all in the world that you are going to enjoy it a whole lot, just like we did, since it uses dice instead of the regular old tiles you are used to, resulting in a fresh take on the genre that all our visitors should welcome with confidence!

Let's play Dices 2048 3D online!

Hold the right mouse button and move the mouse left and right to point your dice towards where you want to throw it, and then release to make the shot, with the goal of hitting two dice of the same kind into one, which is when they will form a dice with double the number, of course.

Of course, that is how you make points, and the more you merge the dice together, the better your performance will have been, but be careful not to let dice stack down until the dotted line at the bottom, because when that happens, you will have lost and need to start again from zero.

Now that you've been caught up with everything, feel confident to start playing and having fun with this new addition to our website!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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