The Dandy

16.01.2023 524 7 votes

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What is The Dandy?

The Dandy

The Dandy is a new take on flappy bird games online, a game that has a bit of a horror theme, as you can tell from the game's picture as well as the background on which you are going to flap around, but know that Dandy is a small creature made out of light, a very cute one that aims to reach the darkest part of these woods and bring some joy back into them!

Flap with The Dandy as far as possible!

Click or tap on the screen to make the small ball of light jump in the air, because if it falls to the ground, you lose and will have to start all over again from scratch. Go through the rings to make extra points and smash away the obstacles in your path, and also be careful not to hit the scary creatures lurking around.

The farther you reach, the higher your score becomes, and each time you play and die, give your best to make sure that you try harder and do a better performance than before! Enjoy, and don't hesitate to share this game with friends as well, they might love what they find here!



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How to play?

Use the mouse.