Wooden Fish

Wooden Fish

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Wooden Fish
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Wooden Fish Overview


Wooden Fish is an idle game with the aim of relaxation, as we can also call it one of the newest fidgeting games online for kids and adults alike to try, which can go a bit on the spiritual side, just like you are going to find out right about now as you learn how it works, and what wonders it could make for your mental being!

Use the Wooden Fish to relax!

In front of you, there will be the titular wooden fish, but also incense candles, a bowl that you hit to make relaxing sounds with, flowers on water, a bamboo decoration made out of several sticks, a chalkboard on which you can draw to your liking, and even marbles that you can hit about the table.

Use these tools however you see fit, and see if they make you feel better, less stressed, and calmer, of course. Let's begin right now, and maybe tell all your friends about this game as well, they might need it!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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