Shoot The Cannon

Shoot The Cannon

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Shoot The Cannon
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Shoot The Cannon Overview


Let's end this day with a bang, literally, as we're talking about one of the best new cannon shooting games online, or maybe you will shoot at the cannon, but who knows? What is important is that Shoot The Cannon is a game tried and tested by our team, highly recommend it, and we hope to see just how much fun YOU have with it!

Let's Shoot The Cannon online!

Use the mouse to shoot the cannon at the boxes, which are your targets, but they can be changed, and something else can become that target, depending on the level. Either way, as you go through the stages, it gets more complicated with them, so you have to figure out better ways to shoot at them.

You get points for each successful level, where all targets have been brought down but know that if you run out of cannonballs and boxes are still standing up, you will have lost that level and will be forced to start it again from scratch. We wish you great focus, skill, and fun, and we hope to see you around for way more fun to come!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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