Dig Dig

Dig Dig

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Dig Dig
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Dig Dig Overview


Dig Dig is going to be one of the best hypercasual mining games online in 3D with stickmen that we have had on our website in a while, a game we definitely recommend for each of you, as we've previously made sure to play it ourselves, so we know just how much of a good time you could have with it right now!

Dig Dig to get all the treasures!

Hold the mouse or finger and drag it to move the stickman around, going to the soil and moving it all over it to dig and get gold, until you can no longer hold any more of it, which is when you go with it to the market to sell it, and you can use the money yo buy new upgrades for your digger, so you can dig more, faster, or get more out of the soil.

Then, continue digging, and you will get to expand even more, with the possibilities being endless, as you can keep on doing this activity however much you want, so the expansion levels are going to be totally up to you!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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