Stickman! Powerful Monster Slicing

Stickman! Powerful Monster Slicing

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Stickman! Powerful Monster Slicing
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Stickman! Powerful Monster Slicing Overview


Stickman! Powerful Monster Slicing is a brand new action-adventure game online with stickmen, a combo that has always proven to work very well, and we're pretty sure that the same is going to be true right now as well when this is one of the most dynamic ones we've seen and had here in a while, so you can believe us when we say that you will regret if you are not trying it out!

It's time for Powerful Monster Slicing with the Stickman warrior!

Use W, A, and D to move and jump with the stickman warrior, using the left mouse button for attacking, and when you want to use a more powerful attack, hold the left mouse button down until the red light turns into blue, and then release to make the attack.

Along the way you need to defeat the monsters you find on the ground and in the air, without letting them kill you instead, and make sure not to also get put down by various traps and obstacles along the way.

If you find new energy packs, new weapons, or various power-ups, make sure to take a hold of them, and use them to your advantage. Good luck through all the levels, no matter how difficult they might get, and make sure to see what other great games are still going to be offered for you here today!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the WAD keys and the mouse.

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Llna Shelly

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