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What is Find Me?

Find Me

Find Me is another kind of hidden objects game online that we now invite you all to play on our website, because it is way more dynamic than the ones you might have been used to, precisely why we could not have missed the chance to share it with you right now, just like you should not miss out on playing it for anything in the world!

Can you Find Me?

Little stickmen will be moving about on the screen, and there is one of them that is the odd duck, who looks different from the rest, and you need to watch for him so that you click on him before the time runs out on you to do so, in which case you lose the game and have to start again from scratch.

If you fail, start again, and know that with each new level, everything only gets more difficult, of course, but we promise that it also gets more fun. Let's begin right now, only here, after which we hope to see you around all day long, since more great content is on its way, always!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

Video Game Preview

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