Find Alien 3D

Find Alien 3D

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Find Alien 3D
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Find Alien 3D Overview


Aliens are hiding among us, and only you can find them and save the world from this undercover threat, with a really fun new hypercasual game that combines hidden objects games, and shooting games all into one resulting in a really simple and fun but also funny experience, which we've already had, so we can now tell you what to do to do it just like us!

Find the Alien 3D to save the world!

You will be given a scanner that goes past the flesh of people to see what they hide in their bones, and you move it around each room, such as the hospital, the supermarket, or the office, to scan the people inside and see if they have bones, in which case they're human, but if they are green, they are aliens masquerading as people.

Once you have found the alien, you need to switch to the ray gun and shoot it toward the alien, making it show its true face, and when it explodes, you win the level. Do that level after level, no matter how many of them start appearing, as the targets increase in numbers, and don't let any one of them survive!

It's as simple as that, so now that you have been made aware of the alien threat, get rid of it, save the world with your keen eye and trusty gun, and invite your friends to do the same by having them play this game as well!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.

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