Flex It 3D: Pump Those Muscles

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What is Flex It 3D: Pump Those Muscles?

Flex It 3D: Pump Those Muscles

Flex It 3D: Pump Those Muscles is going to be a new hyper casual game online unlike you get to see here just every day, since it is a gym workout game online, where through the actions you will take here you will try to make the muscles pump up as much and big as possible, which we are sure you are going to find to be quite the interesting experience!

Pump Those Muscles in Flex It 3D online!

In each level of the game you need to replicate a new pose for the workout, which is shown to you in figures, and with the mouse or finger you will take hold of the body parts of your gym rat, and move them about until they fall into the same position, and when the pose is being made correctly, you finish the said level.

Each new pose gets more complicated than before, as it would be the progression with real-life workouts, and we truly wish you the best, as per usual, hoping that this is far from the final new game of the day you try out here today!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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