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Warships.io Overview


Warships.io is going to be one of the best new multiplayer io games with wars, boats, and shooting, all into one, with pirates also being added to the fold, so that the many visitors of our website can rest assured of having the best time possible, something we are always aiming to provide them with here, as you can see right now too!

Have fun with Warships.io online for free!

Use WASD to sail your ship through the water, where you then press the spacebar to shoot cannonballs at the other ships on it, controlled by other real players, in order to take them down, defeating them if you can deplete their health bar completely, which they also seek to do the same to you.

Make sure to grab health packs or firepower upgrades from the chests on the water, so that you can take the upper hand against these enemies. If you can eliminate all the players and be the last one standing, you are going to become the winner of the ship war, of course!

We wish you the best towards all of that, and we hope you are not stopping here for a second, since we've got more great games planned solely for you all!

How to play?

Use WASD and space.

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