Blowing King

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What is Blowing King?

Blowing King

Blowing King represents one of the most interesting hypercasual skill games online from our website, a game that is sort of inspired by a Japanese Game show where people were blowing cockroaches into one other's mouth if they had better power, and this is what you will be doing right now as well!

Become the Blowing King online!

Click on the blowing icons on the left or right, depending on which of the two girls you are, and keep at it until you run out of energy, air from your lungs, but not too much, because you might lose. Keep at it to get the cockroach to enter the other one's mouth if you wish to win.

It's that simple, and you get to face bigger threats down the road, but also acquire new skills, skins, and lots of opportunities to have fun as only here is possible. Don't stop, start now, and enjoy!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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