Super Thief Auto

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What is Super Thief Auto?

Super Thief Auto

Super Thief Auto is a new hypercasual game that has both running and driving elements into it, a really fun 3D game that we recommend to all, knowing just how much of a good time we have had with it ourselves, so sharing it with you right now was not something we would have dared not to do!

Become the Auto Super Thief online!

Use the mouse on computers and the finger on mobile devices to run towards the cars, get the people in them out, and steal their cars, so that you use the cars to get over the explosive obstacles, or any other kinds of dangers along the course, after which you pick up another car.

Keep doing so, do not crash and burn, and reach the end of the course to finish the level, and then advance to the next one, which is more difficult than the last, but more fun too! Let's begin right now, only here, and don't stop for a second, since there is more fun still coming, we promise!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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