Hyperlight Survivor

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What is Hyperlight Survivor?

Hyperlight Survivor

Hyperlight Survivor is a new arcade-acton game online with retro and minimalist features and designs, which is what makes it as fun and interesting as it is, because it is usually the really simple things that end up being some of the most fun, and we will now prove it, as we teach you what and how to do it, so you can begin the game right away!

Shoot to become the Hyperlight Survivor online!

Use the arrow keys to move your space at hyperlight in the pixelated world, where you get attacked by enemy ships, in red, as well as other stations and cannons put through space to oppose you, and you survive by shooting them down instead, and making sure they don't deplete your health bar, or you lose.

Grab new health from the crosses that the enemies sometimes leave behind, as well as make sure to grab other weapons and power-ups that can be of help to you, activating them with Z and X. Good luck, enjoy, and make sure you are not stopping here, since we've always got more awesome games to check out, which you will never regret playing, guaranteed!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the arrows, Z, and X.

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Author: WittGames

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