Black Friday Stacker

Black Friday Stacker

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Black Friday Stacker
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Black Friday Stacker Overview


Black Friday Stacker has now been added to our website not only for the fact that this shopping holiday was just here, but also because stacking games, which are fun skill games, are always a great time to be had, and this one even more when you get to do it with all sorts of products that are going on sale! Are you ready?

Try the best Black Friday Stacker game online!

At the top of the screen, you see the many items that you need to stack, which come in various geometrical shapes, as well as different sizes. The goal is to stack all of them in such a way that none of them fall to the ground because if it happens, you lose and have to restart the level.

For each new stage, there will be more items to stack, and the placement you have to give them only gets more complicated, as you can expect, so make sure your focus gets better too. Simply click to place the item given to you at any time. If the items stay put ten seconds after stacking all of them, level cleared!

We wish you the best and hope to see more of you here, as we never miss to bring you the best new games on the internet, as you can clearly see right now!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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