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What are Happy Tree Friends Games?

Few things in life make us happier than playing games on the internet, but nothing makes us happier than combining our love of internet gaming with the loveable combination of cuteness and violence with Happy Tree Friends.

Yes, the Happy Tree Friends bring their loveable mix of gore, comedy, and cartoony violence to your favorite browser in the form of colorful and, most importantly, time-consuming games.

However, just because you see games full of cute colorful animals doesn’t mean it’s not going to be some of the most violent games you’ve ever played on the internet. The thumbnails for the games alone should tell you that you’re about to get into some really gory stuff. Those familiar with the Happy Tree Friends will already know that these games are full of some of the most creative, and bloodiest, deaths you’ll ever experience.

Have you tried our best games with Happy Tree Friends?

For example, the Cub Shoot series includes Cubshoot and Cub Shoot 2. As the name so clearly (and morbidly suggests) the youngest member of the Happy Tree Friends group meets his bitter end at the hands of Flippy’s evil alter-ego: Fliqpy. Don’t let the cute demeanor of the green bear deceive you. There’s a reason Flippy’s alter ego is the main antagonist of the Happy Tree Friends series. Using a gun, and a basic understanding of physics, you use Fliqpy’s weapon to create a force strong enough to launch the poor diaper-wearing cub as far as you can. Of course, the baby bear will land in a puddle of his own blood.

While Fliqpy appears in many of the Happy Tree Friends Games here, that doesn’t mean you won’t get to see the other loveable cast of friends meet their unfortunate end. Dynamite is the hot potato game you never got to play in school because of the inherent danger of explosions and loss of limbs. See how long you can keep the dynamite in the air by knocking it around with your mouse. If the dynamite hits the floor, the poor Happy Tree Friends will become beautifully gory art splattered all over the wall.

Our personal favorite is Flippy Attack. In Flippy Attack, Flippy’s evil alter ego is back to purposely murder everyone’s favorite yellow rabbit: Cuddles. In Flippy Attack, you must use the directional arrows on your keyboard to accomplish the seemingly impossible task of avoiding an almost never-ending spray of bullets from Flippy’s evil alter ego. Just when you think you have a moment of reprieve with a single bullet, you’re faced with a rain of bullets from the angry bear. Of course, in usual Fliqpy fashion, if you happen to lose the game, he still finds a way to blow his own head off in a spray of glorious gore.

There is no shortage of fun to be had with the Happy Tree Friends Games here. You will find yourself losing hours of your time engaging in games that aren’t for the faint of heart. With the Happy Tree Friends games, you will literally be making split-second decisions that really do mean the difference between life and a brutal blood-spilling death.